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dengue terrorize bohol

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1 dengue terrorize bohol on Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:34 pm

Deaths from dengue in Bohol already reached seven as of last week, according to the statistics at the Department of Health here.

One death has been recorded in each of the towns of Tubigon, Calape, Loay, Baclayon, Ubay, San Miguel and Garcia-Hernandez.

The reported death from dengue in Tagbilaran City would have made it eight.
DOH, however, still has to update the statistics in the city either today or Monday.

DOH also disclosed that almost all towns in Bohol recorded dengue cases, yet remains mum on the declaration of an outbreak.

Dengue cases in the province has escalated to a total of 793 from January to July 16 this year at the onset of rainy days, data of the Provincial Health Office showed.

In its initial report, PHO said that a total of 597 are confirmed cases while 190 cases are said to be suspected.

Aside from this city which has a total of 169 cases, the highest dengue incidence is in the town of Garcia-Hernandez with 47 and one death. The towns of Loon had 40 cases; Maribojoc, 35; Dauis, 34; and Carmen, 28 are among the highest so far.

The Maribojoc and Dauis data were as of July 28, while Danao and Carmen were as of July 16.

Alburquerque had 23 cases; Alicia, 8; Anda, 1; Antequera, 21; Baclayon, 21; Balilihan, 12; Batuan, 10; Bien-Unido, 5; Bilar, 9; Buenavista, 1; Calape, 27; Candijay, 3; Catigbian, 13; Clarin, 4; Corella, 1; Cortes, 22; Dagohoy, 11; Danao, 8; Dimaio, 17; Duero, 1; Guindulman, 7; Inabanga, 5; Jagna, 27; Getafe, 8; Lila, 7; Loay, 21; Loboc, 6; Mabini, 7; Panglao, 12; Pilar, 9; Sagbayan, 8; San Isidro, 1; San Miguel, 18; Sevilla, 4; S-Bullones, 11; Sikatuna, 1; Talibon, 22; Trinidad, 10; tubigon, 12; Ubay, 12; and Valencia, 12.

Dengue cases posted a highest record of 1,679 cases from January to December 2007 and the death toll reached to 16, PHO's ten-year (2000-2009) record showed. During the 2007 upsurge, total cases recorded in the municipalities reached to 1,195 and Tagbilaran City contributed 483 to the total.

Eight human fatalities of the total 623 cases in 2009 and 145 cases and five deaths in 2008 were documented.

Bohol experienced 231 cases and 3 deaths in 2006; 1,113 cases and 21 deaths in 2005; 283 cases and 5 deaths in 2004; 365 cases and 3 deaths in 2003; 289 cases and 2 deaths in 2002; 712 cases and 5 deaths in 2001; and 70 and zero death in 2000.

PHO, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Reymoses said last week his office is calling for a continued practice of the 4 o'clock habit in the afternoon of cleaning up the stagnant water to destroy the mosquitoes' life cycle. What the PHO can do is to just remind and call on the public for keeping up and sustain the said practice of 4 o'clock habit because it cannot do otherwise as there's no law forcing the populace to do the upkeep, Cabagnot said.

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2 Re: dengue terrorize bohol on Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:52 am

how sad. Huhu. Dapat doble ingat ta.

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