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"Prosti-tuition" College Students in Bohol

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1 "Prosti-tuition" College Students in Bohol on Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:57 pm



1) noun - Money earned stripping, hooking, or otherwise through the sex trade which is used to pay for college expenses.

2) verb - The act of earning money through the sex trade in order to pay for college.

Many college girls resort to prosti-tuition due to the high cost of education and the economic crisis that continues to plague the country.

I became aware that prostitution among female college students is happening right here in Tagbilaran City . It was not long ago that girls in skimpy outfits hanging out along the dark corners near a private university caught my attention. At first I never thought these girls, whom I later knew to be enrolled in college, were engaged in prostitution.

Then I started to notice their number increase during enrolment and exam periods, the time when students have to pay their dues in school.

Together with a friend who also works in the media, we did some follow up on this issue and conducted personal interviews to dig deeper into what led them to engage in prostitution.

“I know I have an edge if I have a diploma because I will have a better opportunity of getting a decent job,” says one girl who says she used to take up Nursing but shifted to Education due to the enormous fees.

According to the girls we interviewed, they are forced to opt becoming a prostitute out of extreme poverty and just to finish their studies.

Some of the girls do it only during exam season or during enrolment which makes you think that their intention is to really pay for their school fees.

Some prostituted students are hired through a pimp who is contacted by clients. The pimp in return gets a cut of the agreed price which could range from P1,500 to as much as P3,000 on a one engagement

Due to modern communication, most of the time a client would just send a message to the student prostitute

But I was also distressed to learn that not all of these girls resorted to
prostitution out of poverty. Not all of them have the same reasons.
There are some of them who either misused the money given by their
parents for school fees and their daily school budget.

Yet, there are girls who are also driven to prostitution because they needed cash for their luxurious lifestyles or just to keep up with the
modern-day social vices or to be able to buy branded clothes, gadgets such as i-pods, laptops and cellular phones.

Here, I would say that family values and the educational system in this country is an inter-related issue.

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correct poh. lalo na sa amo skul. hehehe What a Face

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