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Tree Planting in Catigbian Bohol

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1 Tree Planting in Catigbian Bohol on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:46 pm


SOME 831 Catigbian high school students and elementary pupils planted some 4,155 seedlings in a day as they marked the 156th Bohol Day with a tradition that may be seen as an innovation.

Now on its fourth year and averaging a couple of thousand fruit trees surviving annually, Catigbian Mayor Roberto Salinas said it may not be long before his people can just stop from going to the city to buy fruits when they can easily raise some.

Some few years ago, Salinas bemoaned that his town, which is largely agricultural, has lost most of its fruit trees and this has also driven the birds away.

To put a cap on the problem, he asked his people to institute a measure to regain the fruit trees.

This year’s simultaneous Bohol Day tree planting netted 660 hybrid coconut seedlings, 792 jackfruits, 837 marang, 293 santol, 385 tambis, 265 chicos, 246 duhat, 64 rambutans, 528 mangoes and 85 guavas, Salinas shared in a text message.

He shared he was just fortunate that his dream of regaining the distinction as a fruit producing town has its stern supporters at the town council.

Supplemented by an ordinance crafted in 2007, the municipal tree planting project involves graduating pupils in the elementary and students in the high schools, including the municipal scholars association members planting at least five fruit trees as a requisite for graduation.

The barangay agriculture committee chair validates the tree-planting project as he does his rounds in his area.

He again occasionally makes the rounds before graduation to see that the trees survive or were replanted so that he can certify that the student or pupil can be qualified for graduation.

Now envisioning as a green town for progress and development, Salinas, who is now on his final term has done considerably good for the local government and in uniting its people while implementing stand-out infrastructure hardware and manpower software development through trainings and capacitation activities.

The ultimate goal is to uplift the economic condition of the people as they deserve to a better life, Salinas said.

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