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sa mga hindi mapagana yahoo messenger using cproxy,you will have to use proxifier..

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Here are the Steps para mapagana ang Proxifier

Step 1. The most important step! FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!
Step 2. Install Cproxy.

Step 3. Download and Install Proxifier.
ht tp://
Name:www .serials.wsSerial: T9YHA-I5AQL-G44LK-RF 3TP-8LSRA

Step 4. After you installed Cproxy and Proxifier, Open Cproxy first.

Step 5. Connect Cproxy to the web by opening your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc...). Open any web site (e.g.,, etc...). Note: Hintayin nyo muna matapos magload ang page na inopen nyo sa web broser nyo.

Step 6. After makaconnect ng Cproxy, Open Proxifier.

Step 7. Now, Here's the settings for Proxifier
>On the Proxifier window, Click Options.
>Select Proxy Settings.
>Click Add button.
>On the Server Address Textbox, input Port 9000
>On the Protocol section, choose SOCKS 4.
>Click Ok.
>You should see the Proxy Setting tab. Check the option Port 9000. Click Ok.
>Click Options.
>Proxification Rules.
>Check the Loopback option then click Ok.
>Click Options.
>Choose Advanced > HTTP Traffic.
>HTTP ports: 80, 8080, 3128
>HTTPS ports: 443, 563
>Check Redirect HTTP(S) Traffic to the following HTTP Proxy Server
>Address: Port: 3128
>Click Ok.
>And you're done!

Step 8. Configuring Yahoo Messenger
Open YM > Click Messenger > Choose Connection Preferences > Check Connect directly to the internet then click Ok. Login. You can now use your webcam. Enjoy!

Credits to azhure of and Very Happy

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working n xa..karon pjd na adlawa nko natestingan..hehehe..pwd webcam ana bsta kusog lng ang signal..hehhehe

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yep.tested pud ni nako.hehehe. shinoda wat imo nem sa pgsm? ifriend q.hahaha Very Happy

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ayaw saba sa ako name ha hehe mabuking tah hehe

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o lage atoa rana..heheheh

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