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DC CRAP usb modem unlocker

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1 DC CRAP usb modem unlocker on Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:14 pm

Ok here guys, want to unlock your modems without reflashing your Modems?

Here's the Answer:


Download: ?gna1mmwdgym


* Extract the content of the .zip file
* Once you extracted all the required files, run "dccrap.exe"
* Disconnect to the internet and plug your USB Modem with a different
provider SIM. (for Huawei users, you dont need to swap any SIM). And
insert your modem to the USB port.
* Choose what "manufacturer" that your modem is. (Huawei Datacards or ZTE Datacards... choose that matches on your Modem.)
* Click the magnifying glass, and it will search for plugged USB modems.
* Once the modem is detected, go to login page, type whatever you want. It's just a lame login system.
* Click Unlocking menu, then choose "unlock".
* Wait till the unlocker program says that, unlock is successfully done.
* Voila, enjoy your unlocked Modem.

Works on ZTE USB modems. Dunno on some Huawei modems (specially the redbox)

Credits for the person who cracked the software... We owe you for this one, who ever you are.

Tried and tested by me. Even yung friend ko na bagung bileng USB Modem na ZTE is na unlock.

The unlocking process, was done only in less than 2 minutes, compare to
the flashing that will take around 20minutes to unlock and higher risk
of bricking it.

- try running the program with administrator's privilege
- make sure that youre disconnected to the internet, and your dashboard is not running.

**Last resort of unlocking ZTE modems go here.
It's all up to you if youre gona use this method to unlock youur mode,
taking the risk that you might permanently damage your modem. Use at your own risk.


Please use the OLD Dashboard. According to my observation, the new unlock code system on new dashboard, makes the modem to locked again.

Here's a link for the dashboard that doesnt ask unlock codes. Click ME!!!

note: you can also replace the new dashboard with the given one, by
extracting the .iso file using this program (yeah, it lets you extract
the dashboard file), then edit it using PowerISO and replace the
dashboard setup file with the given one. After the editing in .iso file
is done, go reflash the new .iso file, so next time you insert it in
other computers, the given dashboard will be installed instead of the
Network Provider's Dashboard.

Exclusive Instruction for V4 Modems with new Dashboard:

* Install Software and let the drivers install too.
* Run the dashboard. (so the ports used to unlocked the modem will be
opened.) After that, try connecting to the internet, Once your
connected to internet. It means the ports that used by this modems (COM
Ports) are available now. You can now Disconnect to the internet and
don't forget to close/exit the dashboard (make sure you cant see the
dashboard running by looking to task manager)
* Run the unlocker and follow the instructions above.
* Now un-install the current dashboard. (go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall it there.)
* Install the provided dashboard. And install the drivers too.
* There, after you finished installing the drivers again, you can now use your modem without being locked again.


Modems that's been unlocked by this software (thanks to all SB's there who post their feeds about their unlocked modems):

- Longcheer WM66 Modem (WM66A wont work)
- ZTE MF626 (All FW Versions)
- ZTE MF627 (v2 and v4 modems can be unlocked, except to those v4 FW with SandBox Dashboards... see above how to unlock it)
- HUAWEI Modems E1552, E1553 ..... (we have a feed with our one SB that he/she managed to unlocked the redbox modem, --Still Unknown)

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2 Re: DC CRAP usb modem unlocker on Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:16 pm

How to Unlock ZTE smartbro usb modem?

(plug your zte modem without simcard)


open dccrap
choose the manufacturer: ZTE
choose the right model: (kung ano po model ng modem)
then click unlock

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