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Facebook Log-in With Unique Username

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1 Facebook Log-in With Unique Username on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:49 pm

Majority of users use their email address as a Facebook log-in. Since
the form asking for an email, some may not aware that you can have your
own unique Facebook username where you can use it as a login without
typing the long email address. For example you want your username to
be: mundsky, you can change it by going to (1) Account -> Account
Settings. Under the option, (2) you can set the username to suggested
username or you can choose your own, depends on availability of the
chosen username. If you have chosen an available username then that
would be also your Facebook link add-on. Anyone could visit your
profile by just typing (or on the given example)

Now you can either log in your username or your email address. This
would help you to easily link your profile to your website and
blogrolls. This also help your friends to easily remember your profile.
So give it a try and choose your own Facebook username now. Your log-in
information with facebook will never be the same again.

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